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Training Centers
Gaborone Centre
This is the main training Centre where potential trainees are screened and trained.  The Centre caters for building and construction industry including Government departments and unemployed individuals mainly school leavers. Competency Based Modular Training (CBMT) is the training methodology used for skills training programmes.  This system is more of a crash training and is geared towards producing a semi-skilled artisan within a reasonably short period of time.
Mobile Training Unit (MTU)
CITF introduced the concept of Mobile Training Unit due to shortage of semi-skilled manpower where there are major development projects taking place in an area. The Mobile Training Unit provides on-site or close to site skills training to improve the quality and productivity of artisans in the building sector. MTU also provide skills training to the unemployed school leavers (youth) so that they could actively participate in the project under taken within their communities.
During the recent past, a number of Mega Building Projects were conceived in Botswana. Currently CITF has one Mobile Training Units in Kazungula.
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