Welding and Fabrication Course
Task No  : Duty Task
WEL-A01 Orientation to CBMT Orientation to Competency Based Training
WEL-A02   Identify and interpret engineering drawing
WEL-A03    Identify engineering materials and treatments
WEL-A04   Identify basic hand and measuring tools and their use
WEL-A05   Identify profiles, section plates and prepare a material list
WEL-A06   Identify workshop equipment and its uses
WEL-A07   Apply basic hand skills
WEL-B01   Identify arc and gas welding equipment
WEL-B02   Apply fundamentals of arc welding
WEL-B03   Weld  metal using arc welding equipment 
WEL-B04   Apply fundamentals of gas welding and brazing
WEL-B05   Apply fundamentals of gas cutting
WEL-C01   Draw geometric constructions and apply marking off techniques
WEL-CO 2   Apply Construction Techniques to Cones
WEL-CO 3   Apply Construction Techniques to Components
WEL-CO4   Apply Construction Techniques to Pipes
WEL-D01   Weld Metal Using MIG Welding Equipment
WEL-D02   Weld Metal Using TIG Welding Equipment