Tiling Course
Task No :   Task
CBMT   Orientation to Competency Based Training
BM-A01   Introduction to the Building Industry
IN-A02   Safety & Management
IN-A03   Elementary First Aid
TL-A01   Interpret Basic Building Drawings
TL-A05   Erect & Dismantle Scaffolding
TL-D01   Determine & transfer levels
TL-D02   Lay a screed to a concrete floor & form a plaster skirting
TL-E01   Prepare & lay in-situ concrete pavement
TL-E02 (optional) Prepare & lay concrete paving
TL-E03 (optional) Prepare & lay pavers
TL-F01   Tile a plastered wall
TL-F02   Tile around a bath with mortar
TL-F03   Tile around an attached pier
TL-F04   Lay tiles to a screeded floor
TL-F05   Lay tiles to concrete steps
TL-F06   Lay screed to a shower floor
TL-F07   Tile a circular plastered column
TL-F08 (optional) Repair wall & floor tiles
PT-E03   Prepare & lay pavers