Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Course
Task No : Task
CBMT Orientation to Competency Based Training
IN-A01 Introduction to the Building Industry
IN-A02 Safety & Management
IN-A03 Elementary First Aid
PL-A01 Interpret basic building drawings
PL-D03 Cut, thread  & assemble GMS pipe-work
PL-D04 Cut, bend & assemble copper pipe-work
PL-D05 Repairs & alterations to existing GMS pipe-work
PL-D06 Repairs & alterations to existing copper pipe-work
PL-E03 Install a high-pressure geyser
PL-E05 Install underground CW reticulation
PL-E06 Fire fighting installation
PL-E08 Repairs to HP mains
PL-F01 Recognition & installation of soil & waste systems
PL-F02 Install a sink
PL-F03 Install a wash basin
PL-F04 Install a bath
PL-F06 Install a shower
PL-F07 Install a WC (pedestal)
PL-F09 Install a urinal (wall hung)
PL-F10 Install a urinal (stall)
PL-G01 Recognition of below-ground drainage systems
PL-G07 Removal of blockages from & repairs to waste, soil & drain pipes