Painting and Decorating Course
Task No  : Duty Task
CBMT Orientation to CBMT Orientation to Competency Based Training
IN-A01 Introductory Skills & Knowledge Introductory to the Building Industry
IN-A02   Safety & Management
IN-A03   Elementary First Aid
PD-A1   Erect and Dismantle scaffolding
PD-A2a   Basic Painting Knowledge for New Surfaces
PD-A2b   Basic Colour Theory
PD-A3   Interprete Basic Drawings
PD-B1   Paint Plastered  Surfaces.
PD-B2   Paint Concrete,Brick & Rhinoboard Surfaces
PD-B3   Paint Roofs
PD-B4   Paint P.V.C Surface
PD-B5   Paint Nom-Ferrous and Ferrous Metals
PD-B6   Paint Wooden Surfaces
PD-B7   Paint Floor Surfaces
PD-C1   Repaint Plastered Surfaces
PD-C2   Repaint Brick,Concrete etc. Surfaces
PD-C3   Repaint Gutters, Roof and Downpipes
PD-C4   Repaint PVC Surfaces
PD-C5   Repaint Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal
PD-C6   Repaint Wooden Surfaces
PD-C7   Repaint Floor Surfaces
PD-D1   Hang Wallpaper
PD-D2   Redecorate Wallpaper
PD-D3   Fit Domestic Glazing