Electrical Installation Course
Task No : Duty  Task
EL-A01 Basic Electrical Skills Orientation to CBT
EL-A02   Safety & First-Aid Knowledge in the Workshop & Working Environment
EL-A03   Fuse & Cut Metals
EL-A04   Read & Understand Building Drawings & Specifications
EL-A05   Understand Electrical Definitions, Terminology, Symbols & Circuits
EL-A06   Understand how Electricity is Generated
EL-A07   Understand Basic Electronics
EL-B01 Electrical Installation for Premises Cut, Assemble & Fix Electrical Conducting
EL-B02   Fit, Wire & Assemble a Residential Distribution Board & Circuits
EL-B03   Wire Industrial Distribution Board & Circuits
EL-B04   Connect Circuits
EL-B05   Earth & Bond Premises & Perform Tests to Installation
EL-C01 Electrical Installation Identify, Fault Find & Install Electric Motors