Civil Construction Course
Work under general supervision in accordance with drawings, scales, dimensions etc.
Transfer levels using spirit level and water level.
Set – out elementary works.
Set – out battered formwork.
Erect and strip wall with openings.
  • Erect and strip wall with timber stop – ends.

Erect and strip slab and beam formwork.
Erect and strip wing wall and soffit.
Fabricate and erect timber column.
Fabricate and erect timber wall shutter.
Maintain and use basic hand tools.
Operate electric drill and circular saw.
Identify formwork and scaffold components.
Erect and strip straight wall formwork.
Erect and strip steel formwork column.
Erect and strip foundation formwork.
Erect basic supportwork for decking and beams.
Apply basic reinforcing skills.
Erect and strip basic access scaffold.