Carpentry Course
Task No :   Task
CBMT   Orientation to Competency Based Training
IN-A01   Introduction to the Building Industry
IN-A02   Safety & Management
IN-A03   Elementary First Aid
BM-A01   Interpret Basic Building Drawings
BM-A02   Determine & Transfer Levels
BM-A04   Setting out of a Building
BM-A05   Erect & Dismantle Scaffolding
CT-A01   Set out and Construct Basic Joints
CT-B03   Erect Purpose made Circular Steel Formwork
CT-B04   Erect Steel Formwork for Walls
CT-B05   Erect Timber & Steel Formwork for Beams & Slabs
CT-B06   Erect Steel Formwork for a Lift Shaft
CT-B07   Prepare & Erect Timber Formwork for a Rectangular Column
CT-B08   Prepare & Erect Timber Formwork for an L-Shaped wall
CT-B09 (optional) Construct Formwork for a Semicircular Arch
CT-B10   Prepare & Construct Formwork for Return Stairs
CT-C01 (optional) Set out & Construct a Nail Plate Roof Truss
CT-C02   Set out & Construct a Howe Roof Truss
CT-C03 (optional) Set out & Erect Gable Roof Trusses
CT-C04   Erect an L-Shaped Roof
CT-C05   Clad a Roof Structure with Concrete Tiles
CT-C06   Clad a Roof Structure with Corrugated Galvanised Sheeting
CT-C07   Clad a Roof Structure with Corrugated Fibre Cement Sheeting (Big Six)
CT-D01   Prepare & Erect a Brandered Ceiling & Install Insulation
CT-D02   Prepare & Erect a Timber Ceiling
CT-D03   Prepare & Erect a Timber Framed Partition
*D03   Set out & Erect a Suspended Ceiling
CT-D04   Set out and Erect Dry Walling
CT-E01 (optional) Install a Domestic Type Wooden Window & Sill
CT-E02   Cut & Fit Architraves & Skirtings
CT-E03   Prepare & Fit Tongue & Groove Wall Panelling
CT-E04   Fit & Hang a Single Door to a Steel Door Frame
CT-E05 (optional) Fit & Hang a Double Door to a Timber Door Frame
CT-E06      Prepare & Install open Shelving
CSM3J2   Ring Beam